What Should I Wear?

Everything You Need to Know

Good question.

Avoid khakis like the plague.. No cartoon characters. Limit your jewelry pieces. You want the focus of the photograph to be on you and your family, not the large funky necklace.

No fashion forward looks. Don’t be too trendy with the clothing, as it will be dated in just a season.

Coordinate your look, but don’t be matchy match. Monochromatic colors work well for family portraits.

Soft tones photograph well…. think light pinks, neutrals, greys, creams…

Layer, layer, layer….

I love layers. Try a cute lace dress with a jean jacket, bright tights and furry boots for your little girl. Perhaps a simple sweater with a brighter dress shirt for your little man.

Don’t wear sneakers or tennis shoes, unless they’re retro funky. Think Converse. Also think outside the box… rain boots, ballet slippers… BARE FEET. Nothing cuter on a wee little one than bare piggy toes.

Newborns photograph best in bare skin. They get lost in too much clothing.  Plus I have tons of items for your little one to wear in my home studio.

Still stuck? Pick your outfit first and then pull colors from that outfit to dress the rest of your family.

Think about where you will be displaying these portraits and the color palette in that particular room.

Make sure your little ones are comfy in their clothing. If the outfit is scratchy, tight or restrictive, the session will not go well. Pick comfy, but firm fitting clothing.

Last but not least, do NOT tan before your session. The colors coming through my lens are orange. Who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa? Trust me, you will. Also, if your children need a haircut, please do so at least a week beforehand.

Have specific questions about an outfit you’d like to use? Send me a quick iphone pic and we can be sure your family looks amazing for your session!

Love Paint the Moon! She has the MOST amazing actions for photoshop! And did I mention she’s crazy nice?!?!?!