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We often document the milestones in our lives with photographs… A wedding, pregnancy, the arrival of a newborn baby, the first day of preschool and when your child becomes a high school senior.

Tweens.. The In-between Years

Often missed are those years inbetween. We rely on those not-so-great school photographs to document those years of your child’s life. Unfortunately these sessions don’t capture your tweens personality. It’s a quick sit, head tilt and the picture is taken.

The tween years are often the most overlooked portrait milestone, despite the fact that tweens experience tremendous growth and change during this stage of development.  Parents often share that they worry their child will feel too awkward in front of the camera.

I can help your tween feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Very few are born with an inherent modeling gene, and I am here to help make that happen.

Many tweens are curious about self-image, and have concerns with how they are viewed by their peers. By selecting me as your photographer, I will help guide your tween to age appropriate clothing and styling choices, as well as age-appropriate poses and activities.

We’ll choose a theme, location and really dig into who your child is at this age…. Choose this time to recognize your child as the individual they are…. Let’s showcase their personality and capture the beautiful inbetween years.