How To Prepare for
Your Maternity Session

Everything You Need to Know

Tasteful yet elegant posing can be done based on your comfort level. Schedule your session between your 32nd-36th weeks of pregnancy. The longer you wait, the more likely you will be too uncomfortable to enjoy the shoot. If you are expecting multiples please schedule your session between six and seven months. Your session will be one to two hours in length, depending on the number of clothing changes you desire for your session. 

Several hours before your session, please remove anything elastic, such as tight socks, shirts, pants, underwear or bra to prevent elastic or strap marks on your skin. Please also remove any bracelets or watches that might leave a mark on your wrist. Jewelry should be limited to essential pieces. Too much will be distracting.

Stretch marks: My suggestion is not to worry about them. I can masterfully eliminate them from your photographs should you desire me to do so.

Think about the type of photographs you want. Would you prefer partially nude or classy bare skin photographs?  Will you be bringing props such as baby shoes or a sonogram photograph? Think about where you will display these images. Do you want to use them on a pregnancy announcement? Will they display on your walls or at your spouses work desk? Knowing this in advance will ensure we capture images that you can maximize.

If your spouse will be included in the session, please let me know ahead of time. They can bring jeans and coordinating shirts to match the mother’s clothing items.

Here are some suggestions on clothing items and make-up application:

Tops should be form fitting, at least around the chest. Oversized shirts won’t show off your form. And showing your beautiful belly is the whole point of a maternity session. Consider a knitted shawl or linen scarf to throw around your shoulders and arms for variety. Or consider wearing dresses or tops that cover your arms partially or fully if you are concerned about how your upper arms look.  Bare arms tend to stand-out in a photo and can expose more skin than your face, thus drawing attention to your arms, not your beautiful face!

Solids colors are best.  Busy, loud patterns or logos will draw too much attention in your photos, so solids or subtle patterns are always a safer bet! Think romantic long, flowy skirts, dresses…. Wear a bra that hides well under your outfit.  Avoid wearing loud or fluorescent colors since it can be distracting when looking at your photos and the colors can reflect on your face.  Also, avoid clothes with fine, repetitive lines typically found on men’s dress shirts or suits.  Solid colors photograph best.

Iron your clothes. It matters. Use a lint roller and bring along to your session.  The camera will pick-up tiny pieces of lint on your clothes, especially dark colored clothes.

Makeup Suggestions:

  • Lips – Avoid frosts or glitters that will reflect light.  Avoid very dark colors.  Bring your lipgloss along for touch-ups.
  • Face – AVOID all bronzers.  Powder your face to cut down on shine. Light Blush will add nice color. Wear brown or black eyeliner mascara.  Fake lashes are encouraged as they really make your eyes pop. Please avoid eye shadows with shimmer/glitter.
  • Eyebrows – Be sure to pluck if needed.  If waxing, be sure to do it a week prior to avoid having redness.
  • Nails – Schedule a manicure and pedicure (if you’ll be wearing open toed shoes).  Avoid extremely bright or fluorescent nail color.
  • Skin – Moisturize your elbows, knees and legs. Dry skin will show up in photographs.

The time you spend planning your session and clothing will pay off in the end with a beautifully coordinated portrait. A portrait that will never look dated. I am happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to call or e-mail.

Last, please see examples of my work on my Facebook page: Christina Houser Photography.

If you have additional questions, please send your email to:
I look forward to being your family photographer.