High School


So you had your school take your senior photograph and aren’t thrilled? Doesn’t really show who you are as a person? Do you like tall grass & open fields?  How about the look of barns, water, and sky?  Or perhaps an urban location is more your thing?  Maybe you like a combination of all of them.

Picture yourself and what you love…
that’s where I want to photograph you.

Not sure where you want to take your photographs? No problem. We’ll plan your session from the clothes to the location.

When I am photographing, I strive to creatively capture the true personality of my client.  This takes time.  We won’t rush.

Choose clothing that you look and feel great wearing. Avoid anything too trendy as your photographs will feel dated in just a few short years. Try to avoid large flowers, stripes or patterns.

Coordinate your session all the way down to your socks and painted toes. You never know – I may ask you to dip your toes in the banks of a river.

If you have an appointment for a wax, you’ll want to have that done at least two days prior to your senior session.  You’d be amazed at what the camera sees!  Guys, don’t forget to shave the morning of your session.  Concerned about blemishes?  Don’t. You can do your best to conceal them, but I can remove most blemishes during the editing process.

We’re going to have a lot of fun. This day is all about YOU!

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