You’ve finally decided it’s time to capture those precious family photographs! But the stress of choosing outfits, a location and the worry your children won’t cooperate has your mind racing?

Let me put your mind at ease.

Children are curious little creatures with tons of silly energy! I have photographed hundreds of families and know just how to engage them. You’re not hiring me to get those stiffed posed photographs. You’ve hired me to capture moments. The giggles. The hugs. The joy. You are hiring me because you want to capture the emotion and personality of your children. Our goal is they forget the camera exists!

Do not stress about finding the perfect location. Once we discuss your session, we can go over a list of locations I have photographed in the past. We can travel anywhere up and down the east coast! I have photographed at castles, beautiful beaches, wooded trails and gorgeous riverbanks. If you are most comfortable at home, we can capture images in your backyard provided that there is adequate shade.

At the end of the session, I want my clients to have cherished our time together knowing those moments we captured with their family will be theirs forever in timeless photographs.